"Teens have it easy today," is a familiar sentiment from adults who feel that being a teens is pretty easy, but don't tell that to teens.

A new survey by the American Psychological Association found that teens don't have it so easy.  In their "Stress in America" survey, that posed questions to teens and adults about stress.  Over 25% of teens said they feel extreme stress compared to only 20% of adults.

Dr. Rose Signorello is the Executive Director for Counseling and Disability Services at the University of St. Thomas and says teens have a lot to be stressed about, "I think in today's fast-paced world, with a lot of pressure to achieve, they do feel a lot of anxiety and stress in their day-to-day living."

The survey found that teens consider the last two years of high school to be the most stressful as they try and pick careers and get into colleges.  The teens said that they felt irritability, angriness, anxiety, and depression as they delt with having to decide earlier than previous generations, what to do with the rest of their lives.

Dr. Signorello says there are more family pressures today, "Many young people also work and I think in more recent years there are more financial pressures that weren't present some years ago."

The survey found that teens aren't very good at coping with the stress either, citing results that more teens turn to things like video games or the internet to relax instead of exercise.  Some teens also turn to substance abuse to deal with the stress, contributing to the growing prescription-pill abuse problem among teens.