New research suggests biology, not parenting, is to blame for teens' door-slamming, eye-rolling and insesitivity. 

The six-year study revealed teens often times don't show concern for others because their brains just haven't developed yet. 

Houston psychologist Laurence Abrams says that may be true, but parents aren't off the hook.

“Parents are supposed to be teaching those social skills, that's what they're there for,” Dr. Abrams tells KTRH News.

Researchers believe this study sheds new light on bullying and drug abuse.

Abrams says whether its 'mean girls' or 'boys being boys' – the lessons needed to address that behavior start at home.

“Some kids do have empathy at early ages, so it can be learned,” he says. “I don't think its impossible, I think they just have been exposed to it.”

While they may be a biological explanation to teen behavior, Abrams says upbringing is has the most influence.