Ted Nugent, ‘The Motor City Madman,’ is having an impact on the Texas Governor’s race. And for the front runner, Attorney General Greg Abbott, the impact Nugent is having isn’t one he wants. That’s because instead of bringing heat to Democrat Wendy Davis, he’s bringing the heat on Abbott.

It all started when Nugent gave an interview last month and had some unflattering comments about President Obama.

“He’s a Chicago, communist raised, communist educated, communist nurtured subhuman mongrel,” Nugent said.

The rocker added that, “America will be America again when President Obama and all of the liberal Democrats are in jail.”

There wasn’t much fallout from those comments until Nugent made a campaign appearance in Denton on behalf of Abbott.

“This guy is the epitome of what our founding fathers wanted. We had a Wendy Davis in Michigan. Her name was Jennifer Granholm. And today Detroit is an embarrassment,” Nugent said in Denton, TX on Tuesday.

Davis seized on the opportunity to take Abbott to task for cozying up with Nugent.

“I think the fact that Greg Abbott is embracing those values is repulsive,” Davis said. “To stand with him demonstrates what his values are.”

But Abbott is not worrying about the Nugent controversy. He’d rather focus on more important things.


“As much as Wendy Davis would like to focus on things like Ted Nugent the reality is voters want to focus on the issues,” Abbott said.

But the Republican front runner only had positive things to say about Nugent.

“Ted stands for the Constitution and stands against the Federal Government overreaching,” Abbott quipped.

Nugent also caused a stir by Tweeting a comparison between CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Nazi propaganda on Wednesday, and then canceled an interview on the network last night.

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