Technology is supposed to be there to help us. It’s supposed to make our lives easier. It’s supposed to get better with time and make our futures brighter. However, a new study says that might not wind up happening.

The study involved a panel of futurologists and says we will compete with droids for jobs in just 25 years from now. Houston futurist Peter Bishop told KTRH that might be taking things a bit too far.

“Whether there will be droids out there that will actually be employed is a little extreme,” Bishop explained. “You’d have to assume that the trend that’s going on today would continue for a very long time.”

And Bishop says if it were to happen, things would have to go perfectly for the technology to work.

“You have to assume there would be no technical problems. It could happen, but I’m not necessarily going to put my money on it,” Bishop said.

The study also says our reactions to all of this could be as extreme as the predictions are. One of those reactions would be going to the doctor looking to amp up our brain power.

“It’s possible, but it would require a stretch to get to that level,” Bishop stated.

We’ll also, apparently be looking for bionic implants to keep up with the robots.

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility. Will we have super powers? Will we become the ‘Six Million Dollar Man?’ That’s where it gets a little bit dicey,” Bishop, a former professor at the University of Houston explained.

And the study also says our social lives would go down the tubes, because our work week would wind up being 50 hours a week, which would lead us having less sex as well.