Now that the word is out, that teachers in the Harrold ISD are armed, Superintendent David Thweat says he hopes no district employee ever has to use that weapon.  He says there’s a good chance they won’t.


“It's kind of like putting a sign out front of your home that says we don't call 9-1-1 and have a picture of a gun,” Thweat says. “It has a tendency to dissuade those individuals who are looking for easy targets.”


There have been armed teachers and other school workers since 2007 in that district.  Other Texas school districts are considering the idea.


Thweat (thweet) says there are some guidelines -- the district employee has to have a license, has to get school board approval, has to go through extra training and much use the proper type of ammunition.  They also have to be the right kind of person.


“Someone who, after hearing gunfire, would be apt to run in the direction of gunfire to see if they could help,” he explains.


He says we made our schools targets in 1990, when they all were declared gun free zones.