The Internal Revenue Service is busy processing Americans tax filings for last year but many Americans won't be paying at all.

It is estimated that around 67-million Americans won't pay their taxes this year.  Certified Public Accountant Bob Fumagalli says he is not surprised by that figure, "That number can make sense.  A lot of people extend, I extend a good majority of my clients for various different reasons."

That figure, along with higher taxes for people making over $250,000 a year is making this tax season a contentious one, "The season is going pretty good, busy as usual.  But the worst is that a lot of clients are paying a whole lot more in taxes this year and sometimes that take it out on the messenger." says Fumagalli.

We are now about three weeks away from the April, 15th filing deadline which falls on a Tuesday this year so you won't be getting any extra days to file like last year.