The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case involving pro-life activists and their rights. 

Pro-life protesters like Eleanor McCullen say a Massachusetts law telling them they must stay 35 feet away from abortion clinics is simply unfair. Charles ‘Rocky’ Rhodes at the South Texas College of Law tells KTRH the court has to walk a fine line on this one.

“The big concern is trying to balance the free speech rights of the protesters with the concerns of the medical clinics,” Rhodes said.

But he says the pro-life activists may have a point.

“Their argument is that the balance is tilted too much against them. The Supreme Court will have to determine what the appropriate balance is,” Rhodes told KTRH.

The Supreme Court upheld a law in Colorado 14 years ago that kept an eight foot no-contact zone in place. Rhodes says some Supreme Court Justices want to change things up.

“Justices Scalia and Thomas are going to want to strike down the buffer zone. The question is whether or not they can get three more votes to go with them,” Rhodes stated.

So what might the impact of this case be down the road?

“It’s not going to change abortion law, other than to allow more incendiary protests to take place,” Rhodes explained.

A decision in a tough case like this, according to Rhodes, probably won’t come down until May or June of this year.