Some new political poll numbers show that whatever support President Obama has left is slowly going away. And that might include politicians in his party.


The numbers aren't good. Only 42% of you support how the President has handled the economy. 37% approved of how the Obamacare implementation went. UH political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus says Democrats will have a tough time recovering in time for the midterms.


“This is pretty bad news for the Democrats. It is a tremendous problem for vulnerable Democrats,” Rottinghaus told KTRH.


As a result, these Democrats may do what Republicans did in 2008, which is to avoid campaigning with a sitting President.


“You’ll definitely see a lot of these candidates distance themselves from the President. You’ve already seen that to some degree,” Rottinghaus stated.


Houston Congressman Gene Green doesn't sound like he'll need the White House's help for his campaign.


“President Obama carried our district in 2008 and 20012, but I carried it much bigger,” Green told KTRH. “My job is to serve and represent the district that I have.”


Republicans like Congressman Kevin Brady of the Woodlands say the numbers just tell them what they've known for years about this administration.


“They just seem out of touch with what our families and businesses have to deal with,” Brady told KTRH.


Also not helping Democrats is news that China and not the US will have the world's best economy by the end of the year.