British Prime Minister David Cameron warns so-called 'superbugs' have civilization on the verge of returning to the 'Dark Ages' of medicine. Many forms of bacteria that cause common illnesses like pneumonia are now resistant to antibiotics.

Dr. Luis Ostrosky is an infectious disease expert at the UT-Health Medical School.

"Now, with organisms that have very few antibiotics are susceptible to, basically, putting us in the pre-antibiotic era where you could have died from pneumonia or a very bad sore throat because we don't have antibiotics that work for that particular bacteria."

Dr. Ostrosky says the good news is most U.S. hospitals have programs that monitor doctors and their use of antibiotics.

"Most hospitals in the United States have what we call anti-microbial stewardship programs where we actually monitor the use of antibiotics and teach doctors how to use antibiotics optimally; when to stop them, when not to use them."