Police in Sugar Land say they have someone in custody for the workplace shooting last week of Marlon Alexander Palencia Castaneda.

Spokesman Doug Adolph tells KTRH the suspect is Huver Oregon Reyes, and he was picked up in North Texas.

“We did attempt to contact him at his address in Houston. That was unsuccessful,” Adolph said. The investigation continued and we ultimately located him in the Dallas area. We are in the process of relocating him to our facility in Sugar Land, where we intend to conduct further interviews.”

As for a motive, Adolph says police are still trying to come up with one.

“We have a number of theories we are working on, none of which we can say for sure. That’s where we are at right now,” Adolph stated.

Police are still working on identifying a second man that was seen on the surveillance tape that caught the shooting.

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