If you’ve ever felt that your voice doesn’t really matter when it comes to politics and public policy; if you feel like lawmakers are beholden to big business, there’s a new study that says you’re feelings are right on the money.

The research from a couple of professors from Princeton and Northwestern Universities confirms you have "a miniscule, near-zero" impact on public policy. Political analyst Jim McGrath told KTRH as in everything else, money makes the political world go round.

“Money is still the mother’s milk of American politics,” McGrath said. “There’s always a cash grab, especially in the House of Representatives. You’re always campaigning and on the ballot every two years.”

The study also says that the solution is a 'reinvigorated and engaged electorate,' but McGrath isn't sure that will ever happen.

“We should also be eating leafy greens three times a day, but I don’t know how many of us do that? It’s a study that doesn’t shed new light and has a prescription that I don’t think is very realistic,” McGrath explained.

But the report also says that these new statistics should be a 'loud wakeup call' to you when it comes to what goes on in Washington. McGrath, though, isn’t sure there’s a fix for the problem.

“Our institutions are damaged. The credibility is so compromised it will be hard to achieve the goals that this study wants,” McGrath stated.