New research shows people who stare at a computer screen for a living are developing the same symptoms of those who have so-called "dry eye."

Symptoms include irritation, burning or blurred vision, even tired eyes are a sign.  Dr. Paul Mann at the Mann Eye Institute says he sees it nearly every day.

“The more you concentrate on something you're reading or working on the computer, the less you're going to blink,” Mann tells KTRH News.  “So people are not blinking as much as they should, and as a result their tear film is evaporating away to the environment.”

“Our modern day workplace is causing people to have dry eye,” he says.

Mann suggests giving your eyes frequent breaks.  Over-the-counter products also help dry eye.

“Even if they don't get up, at least put in Artificial Tears a few times a day, blink for a minute or so and go back to work,” says Mann.  “Just closing your eyes for a couple of minutes can help as well.”