Texans are driving less. In fact, the so-called ‘Driving Boom’ is over. That’s what one think tank says. But if you get caught in traffic every day, you would disagree. And guess what? So do the experts.

That think tank is the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TEXPIRG), and Senior Analyst Phineas Baxandall says the numbers show we are driving less and less as the years go by.

“The latest data shows that between 2001 and 2009 they cut their driving by about 25%. That is a huge drop in driving,” Baxandall said.

Baxandall says the research shows the state should reconsider many of its highway projects.

“We should be pressing the reset button on all these plans. There are all of these plans that have been made under the assumption that driving is going to do what it has done for the last 60 years,” Baxandall told KTRH. “We’re pouring all of this money we don’t have into these projects at the same time there’s a lot of roads and bridges that are being neglected.”

He also maintains that cars aren’t as important to new drivers as they used to be.

“My kids talk about who has what kind of cell phones. They can probably name only three companies, but they can tell you about every tech company that’s out there,” Baxandall explained.

The reasons, he says, include gas prices, the economy and public transportation. But back in March the Census Bureau said only 2.9% of us use Metro here in Houston. Traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna of our television partner Local 2 says this report by TEXPIRG is off base.