If you haven't gotten a pay raise in a while, maybe you should consider a trip to the library.

A new study from the Department for Culture Media and Sport in the United Kingdom says that going to the library has the same stimulational effect as getting a $2,200 pay raise.

The study looked at people's reported well-being and found strong links between things like the arts and sports.  More specifically the effects of a visit to the library.  They say that a trip to the library gives people a feeling of endless possibilities.

Jill Ahrens is with the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.  She studies addiction and the brain and says this can sort of be explained by similar chemical reactions in the brain, "So, receiving a raise for a job well done, is a reward.  That spikes your dopamine level that would say (to you) good job, you need this, it's good for you."

Ahrens says the brain is wired for survival, so when you do things that promote survival like, eating or sex, dopamine levels spike in your brain to make you want to do those things more, to promote survival.

The study may not be a final word on trying to get your kids to go to the library instead of bugging your for their allowance, but it does show that brain chemistry rules all.  And, knowing which activities have similar effects on the brain can help you pick one that make you feel better.