Hangovers are never good, but a new study due out next year suggests that like a fine wine, hangovers get better with age.

The study on alcoholism offers new insight into a binge drinking, and suggests a simple solution for hangovers: pace yourself.

“When you're younger, you can maybe pound eight, nine or ten drinks,” says dietician Kristi King at Baylor College of Medicine.  “When you're older, you may be consuming just five.”

Research shows binge drinking tapers dramatically after age 29.

“That's the time a lot of people are really into their career, they're working long hours, they might be having a family at home, so they're not going out as often,” King tells KTRH News.

So what's the best remedy for a hangover?

King says drinking plenty of water and eating before going out on the town will help limit alcohol's affect.  However, she says there are some foods you can try the next morning.

“Egg whites are actually a really good thing to eat, they're chalk full of protein and kind of help mop up alcohol still in your system,” she says.  “Soup is another good easy thing the stomach can tolerate.”

“The salt in the soup will help replace electrolytes, and its also going to make you thirsty so it helps you rehydrate,” says King.

For headaches, stay away from Tylenol.  King says acetaminophen doesn't sit well with a liver already working overtime, and could make you even more sick.