If you believe an Ivy League study, letting your kids drink soda could lead to violent behavior. But some experts are skeptical.

Baylor College of Medicine dietician Molly Gee says violent kids are more likely the result of violent households.

"There is no food or beverage that could cause a child to be violent."

Gee says kids can have soda -- but in moderation. Dr. Jonnie Frazier at UT Health Science Center agrees and says the study doesn't appear to prove its case.

"There's no direct cause and effect associated with children drinking sodas and then exhibiting these types of behaviors."

The study claims children who drink four or more soft drinks per

day are twice as likely to destroy property and get into fights.

But Gee says it's also true there's no particular drink for parents to focus on -- all have plusses and minuses.

"There's no magic food or beverage that's going to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. It's a matter of moderation."