Our informal, non-professional, unscientific survey reveals Houston college students aren’t very engaged in politics.

It started with an online report which found some college students who couldn't name a single U.S. senator.  There was a lot of snickering, so we decided to check locally. 

We stopped 25 students.  Three said they were too busy and rushed off.  Twenty-two obviously bright young people stopped courteously and answered questions.  Sort of.

Name a U.S. Senator from Texas we asked.

“I should know this,” said one girl.

“Wow,” said the second one, “I can't name a Texas Senator.  I'm disappointed in myself.”

We talked to a physics major who had nothing for us.

“Kay Bailey Hutchinson?” - It's Hutchison.

When we said, “Ted,” we immediately got … “Cruz!”

So, a half-point for Cruz there means 2 1/2 out of 22 could name Ted Cruz or John Cornyn -- well, almost Cornyn...

“Corbin?” said a really smart-looking young man carrying a lot of heavy books.

These were actually pretty smart kids -- they just don't care about politics.  Of course we only talked to 22 and there are 33-thousand undergraduates building their futures.