A dozen states tell Michelle Obama to keep her hands of their bake sales by passing exemptions to the First Lady's healthy eating initiative.

Georgia claim their schools depend on school bake sales, and nobody is bidding on the healthier foods.

“Michelle Obama wasn't elected to anything, and I can't find anything in the Constitution that requires us to limit cupcakes being distributed to our local schools by our local government,” says Texas state school board member David Bradley.

Texas so far hasn't passed any exemption, but Bradley says that doesn't mean it shouldn't.

“I'm not aware of any initiative, but I think kids ought to have cupcakes, birthday parties and sugary Cokes,” he tells KTRH News.

“I wish Michelle Obama might prod her husband into dealing with what's going on Israel or Russia, or any of the bigger problems than worrying about kids eating cupcakes and having bake sales,” says Bradley.

Florida and Alabama are now considering their own exemptions as well.