If you have kids in kindergarten you might have had the discussion about whether or not to go with a full day or half day program. The trend across the country in recent years has been to go with a full day program.Not available statewide in Texas; only in certain districts

One of the reasons for that according to Laura Bornfreund of the New America Foundation is standardized tests.

“Expectations aren’t different for kids or teachers if they only have a half-day program,” Bornfreund told KTRH. “In half-day programs something has to give. It’s either not fully preparing kids to meet higher expectations or it means teachers will feel forced to cut out important things.”

Which doesn't make a lot of sense according to family therapist Melody Brooke.

“Not all kids are ready for that level of education. All kids are different,” Brooke explained. “When you put kids into the public school systems they are faced with pressure and standardized tests. I feel uncomfortable with doing that to a five-year old.”

According to new numbers, 76% of kindergarten kids today are attending full day programs and several states are expanding. But in Texas Bornfreund says it's different.

“Texas doesn’t have statewide full-day kindergarten. It’s left up to the districts,” Bornfreund stated.

It's important to note full day doesn't necessarily mean an eight-hour school day. It could be as little as four hours according to Bornfreund.