If you have kids in school you have probably dealt with a bullying issue at some point. Some states are going toe extremes to deal with the problem. But it seems like Texas may already be ahead of the game.

One California city wants to make bullying a misdemeanor and even hold parents responsible. But KTRH legal analyst Chris Tritico says you shouldn't look for something like that here in Texas.

“We have laws on the books that cover what this ordinance in California covers. I don’t see Houston or the state legislature jumping into something like this,” Tritico explained. “We have an assault that’s just a threat on the books. You can get charged for just threatening someone. That does the same thing this proposed ordinance in California does.”

Judy Rimato at Klein ISD told KTRH the bullying ordinances here in Texas are working.

“One of the keys is doing training ahead of time and getting ahead of the problem. That’s what we’re trying to do in Klein; get ahead of the problem,” Rimato said.

Rimato says it’s all about awareness.

“They are bringing to the forefront the idea that we have a problem,” Rimato stated.

But it's not fool proof. Rimato says cyber bullying is an ongoing issue in many districts, but Klein will host cyber bullying seminars for parents so they know what to look for and student leadership sessions to deal with the issue as well.