The eyes of the nation are on President Barack Obama as he delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday night. So what can we expect this time around?

With his approval ratings near all-time lows and Obamacare in the news for the wrong reasons, the president will likely try to cement his legacy with a call for action.

However, Texas Senator Ted Cruz says it's time the president man up.

“If he was actually taking responsibility for his action, number one he would say 'I am sorry,' but then number two, and number two is more important, he would act to fix it,” Cruz told Fox News.

Political insiders expect more of a campaign speech ahead of this year's midterm elections. We spoke with KTRH listeners to hear what they had to say.

“Its the same questions over and over without any real answers, where is this change?” asked one listener.

“The president will say things that are going to happen, and they never happen,” said another.

Obama is expected to use the televised speech to once again push immigration reform and for raising the minimum wage.

Congressman Kevin Brady argues the latter simply will not help the economy.

“Instead of forcing small businesses to hire fewer workers, we should be focusing on helping Americans grow and succeed out of minimum wage jobs and into jobs they can raise a family on,” the Woodlands Republican said.

White House spokesperson Jay Carney on Monday insisted the economy is improving. Our listeners however, disagree.

“I won't be optimistic for our economy and our country's future until there's someone new in the White House,” one woman told KTRH News.