A bill to allow licensed gun owners to carry on Texas college campuses has taken the next step in Austin. Its supporters are now keeping their fingers crossed about this bill making it through the state Senate.

And the Senate is where a similar bill stalled last week. But, Senator Glenn Hegar of Katy told KTRH this bill is different.

“If university wanted to opt out then they would be able to. That’s different from the bill we had in the Senate,” Hegar said. “The changes may completely change the attitude of some of the members of the Senate.”

Supporters weren't happy with last week's developments, but Madison Welch of Students for Concealed Carry says she's hopeful now.

“Our supporters all over the state are getting really excited. We plan to remain optimistic,” Welch told KTRH.

But what if the Senate kills this version?

“We won’t stop the fight until the last day of the session. If it happens, we’ll start preparing for 2015,” Welch said.

Some Austin insiders believe the bill has an uphill battle ahead, but Welch is refusing to write it off.

“Each session has its own surprises. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. That means we never get too pessimistic.

Hegar has a ‘Plan B’ if this version fails.

“If it’s defeated, we’ll come back with it in the next legislative session,” Hegar said.