Leave it to Starbucks to find a new way to use and promote its product.  The coffee giant now allows you send a Pumpkin Spice latte through Twitter.

Tapping into it's web savvy customer base, Starbucks says "Tweet-A-Coffee" will be an “ongoing, evergreen offer” allowing users to log in, pay for a coffee and tweet it to anyone else's Twitter handle.

The recipient will receive a $5 gift card via their Twitter account which they can redeem at any store.

Josh Okun, executive creative director for Houston marketing firm The Company of Others, believes it is a much smarter way of gift giving than current promotions through email, mobile apps or Facebook.

“This program wouldn't work on Facebook because Starbucks would have to be 'friends' with the individual I'm sending to,” Okun tells KTRH News.  “So it removes the introduction, or the fact there needs to be that connection preceding this exchange.”

Okun calls it an excellent way to add new customers.

“Its a great way to interact with the brand, I think it enables people who are fans of brands to get other people excited about them,” he says.

“Its sort of a win-win, because the person who is doing the sharing gets a good feeling out of it, and then the brand gets potentially a new customer out of it,” says Okun.

While the idea won't work for all businesses, Okun does expect more companies to jump on board this latest e-commerce venture.