A 17-year old Spring High School student is charged with murder after a fellow student was killed and three others were hurt in a fight outside the school cafeteria Wednesday morning.

Luis Alonzo Alfaro is charged with fatally stabbing 17-year old Joshua Broussard.  Classes at SHS have been canceled until next Monday as students recover from yesterday's deadly stabbing on campus.

"They need metal detectors, they need security up front, get one of the law officers to be on campus daily, in the front and back," said one parent.

Tara Campbell says Wednesday's fatal stabbing was the final straw, she's pulling her daughter out of SHS to home school her instead.

"I hear all kinds of stuff from my daughter about this school," Campbell said.  "That's why she wanted to home school, because it’s getting dangerous."

The Harris County Sheriff's Department says it appears the motive for the murder was a gang rivalry.  Many students have told KTRH that there has been friction between blacks and Hispanics at the school. 

Luis Alonzo Alfaro, 17, (above) admitted to the stabbing when interviewed by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Rene Williams has a special needs student in the 9th grade.  She still believes the school can be saved.

"I've worked in the schools, I know how hard it is," she said.  "Together, we should be able to find a solution; we should be able to stop this kind of stuff from happening."

Victoria Calder at the Texas School Safety Center says each case is so different, there's no telling what security could have prevented it.

"I wouldn't sit here and throw stones or point fingers that someone failed to do this particular practice, because there are no absolute guarantees," Calder tells KTRH News.

In this day of Facebook and Twitter, security experts say simple disagreements can balloon out of control within minutes.

"So often when we look back after a stabbing or a shooting, we frequently find there was some previous conflict, some low lever aggression, some fights or other type of activity which may have preceded the more serious violent offense," says Ken Trump with National School Safety and Security Services.

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