A Frisco, Texas man is in legal trouble for holding a sign warning drivers about police targeting speeders ahead.

Ron Martin says the Frisco police violated his free-speech rights when police arrested him for holding a sign that read ``Police Ahead'' while he was standing in the median of a busy avenue.

“The issue here is do you have a first amendment right to stand on public property and warn drivers of an upcoming speed trap,” legal analyst Chris Tritico tells KTRH News.  “I think the answer to that ultimately is yes, but the first amendment can be modified by cities, municipalities and state governments with reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.  That can be that you can only have a parade on certain days at certain times.  I doubt the city of Frisco has an ordinance that deals with this and so I think he wins at the end of the day.”

Frisco's sign ordinance says a person holding a sign must be on private property. But Martin contends the law regulates business signs and doesn't apply to him.

Martin made his initial court appearance in midweek and has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of violating a sign ordinance.

He claims his intention was only to urge motorists to slow down.

“If he sticks with this,” Tritico says, “He can take it all the way to the Supreme Court and I think he can win.”