As expected, the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Houston Wednesday, passed a resolution opposing the Boy Scouts of America's new policy allowing gay members.

Though it does not recommend all Southern Baptists drop ties with the Scouts, the resolution encourages any church or members who remain to work toward a reversal of the group's policy.

"For those churches who decide to remain in relationship, let it be for one reason, and this is for the gospel of Jesus Christ," said one member.

Members debated at length exactly how to word the resolution.

"Baptists believe that sinful activity is a choice preferred by the evil nature of man," said another member. "It is not an orientation."

"The Bible says in Romans Chapter 1 that homosexuality is a preversion, it says it is an unatural practice, it is sinful. And God doesn't promote sin," one man noted.

The Convention also passed a resolution declaring a threat to religious liberty posed by federal policies on contraceptive care and gays in the military.