The Southern Baptists voted to condemn the Boy Scouts over their stance on gays on Wednesday at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Southern Baptists Convention Vice president Sing Oldham told KTRH they are not forcing individual churches to cut ties with the scouts.

“It encourages any churches or families that choose to remain in the Boy Scouts a gospel centered focus. But it also seeks to overturn or reverse their new membership policy,” Oldham told KTRH.

Oldham says the resolution was more than just about condemning the Scouts.

“It calls for the removal of leadership of all of those scout leaders and board members who tried to affect this change without the involvement of the entire scouting family,” Oldham explained.

But what will the impact of the vote be? Some experts aren’t sure.

Writer Mark Pinsky told KTRH, “It’s not a big deal. And there’s a poison pill in this. They are not throwing out congregations who keep their scout troops.”

Pinsky says the reason they aren't cutting all ties with the Boy Scouts is simple. They don't want to lose future church members.

“Having a troop at your church is often a marketing facet. People bring their kids to scout at your church. They get to know your church. They might join your church,” Pinsky explained.