You might notice something you’ve never seen before on bottles of beer, wine and liquor soon. But it’s not something experts think you really need.

The Treasury Department says companies can now put nutritional information on their bottles. It's only voluntary right now, but they could be mandatory at some point. Lona Sandon of UT Southwestern told KTRH this doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

“All you have there is alcohol and calories from alcohol. It doesn’t make any sense to listen carbohydrates and protein because it isn’t there,” Sandon said.

She adds that people could look at these labels and get the wrong impression.

“Sometimes when you label things, it could give it a health halo effect. People will think that because there’s a label on it, it’s good for them,” Sandon explained.

One local beer salesman KTRH spoke with said when people are out with their friends they aren't thinking about protein and carbs.

“People are cautious about what goes into their body. But beer is beer and it hasn’t changed,” the salesman said.

That salesman says nutrition isn’t what’s on your mind when you are enjoying a night out with your friends.

“They’re buying it to relax, to enjoy a good beer and hang out with some good people most likely,” he explained.