When the Texans and Colts kick off at Noon Sunday in Indianapolis a lot of Houston fans will be pulling for the Colts. They want the Texans to lose their remaining three games and secure the top pick in April's NFL draft.

Sportstalk 790's Lance Zierlein says the players won't go for it.

"No. The Texans are definitely not tanking games, not intentionally. I mean, the product looks like it, but there's no way that players are doing that. Their jobs are on the line."

But Zierlein says a lot of callers to his show want the team to lose.

"This is the reality of a lot of sports franchises in every sport. They want their team to -- if they're gonna be bad be really bad so you get a draft pick and become really good. We saw it work for the Indianapolis Colts."

The Colts drafted Houston native Andrew Luck with the top pick a couple of years ago. 

But Zierlein says fans had better be careful of what they wish.

"If you do have a down season like the Texans are having you want to bounce back very, very quickly the very next year, because once you begin to lose it can creep into the culture of a locker room and that's something that can be very devastating to a franchise."

The Texans are 2-11 and have lost 11 in a row. If they keep losing they will have the top pick in April.

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