If you are a smoker and you have to go on Obamacare, get ready to pay more money in premiums. However, if you have other conditions, such as obesity, your wallet won’t be hit nearly as hard.

Some experts believe the penalty for being a smoker on Obamacare, premiums that are up to 50 percent higher, will lead to more people quitting. But health care reform analyst Mark Hatcher doesn't think so.

“It’s going to have some people really consider signing up for coverage,” Hatcher told KTRH. “For some people it’s going to be unaffordable.”

In fact, Hatcher thinks people will simply lie to get the cheaper rate.

“When you sign up there is no test to take to prove that you’re a smoker or not,” Hatcher stated.

And Hatcher also wonders why other conditions like obesity aren't treated the same way.

“I can’t get an answer as to why smoking was the one thing they decided to use as an indicator for pricing the policies to determine somebody’s true health condition,” Hatcher explained. “Obesity is a leading health concern just because of the conditions that come from it. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can turn into heart attacks and strokes.”

Smokers making 20 thousand dollars a year will pay 3,000 dollars out of pocket. Non-smokers pay 1,000 dollars. And smokers are also not eligible for subsidies.