They just keep coming.  Apps.  There are millions of apps you can download to your smartphone.  The latest is called "Fixed."  It will try to fix your parking ticket for you.  Internet expert Peter Shankman says a lot of new apps pop up every day.  They're hoping to strike gold.

"Ninety-nine percent of the apps in the app store live in sort of app purgatory," Shankman says.  "They never even make it past, like, five downloads."


The Fixed app launches today.  If it works, it can save you 75 percent of the fine you're assessed for failing to feed the meter.


"If people are knowledgeable about something, well, make an app for it," he says.  "It's amazing the amount of apps there are -- how to beat a speeding ticket, how to fish.  Everything."


Some make it big. Some, not.