The parent company to Triscuit, Ritz and Oreo plans to use Microsoft Kinect to track shoppers buying habits while still in the store.

Mondelez is calling it “Smart Shelf.”  The motion-technology will see, spot and scan shoppers, and how they show interest in certain products.

“They see you sort of hesitate in front of the cookies, and then you start to walk away, and then some coupon is going to pop up that would maybe make you pick up those cookies and want to buy them,” says KPRC Local 2 consumer reporter Amy Davis.

She calls it the next level of shopper reward cards.

“We did a story earlier this year about Neiman Marcus and other department stores using WI-Fi technology to track you on your mobile device while you're in their store,” Davis tells KTRH News.

Smart Shelf is due out in stores in 2015.

“They could use your WI-Fi technology and then send you things to your mobile device when they see you hesitate in front of the cookies,” she says.  “Then all of a sudden you get an email from Oreo saying you get a dollar off of Oreos today.”

Privacy remains a big concern for some, but Mondelez swears it won't track children and no images will be saved.