Cold and wet weather that is hitting most of the country could bring slippery road conditions to Houston.

So, what can you do to make sure you are ready for slippery roads?  Kurt Spitzner is with Bridgestone Tire's Winter Driving School, he says the first thing you need to consider during bad weather is whether you need to drive, "The first thing I always say is sit back for a minute and think about how important this trip across town or down the street or whereever, is at this particular moment."

Spitzner adds that if the road conditions change fast and you are already on the roads you need to allow greater space around your car, that means not following the car in front so close.  Spitzner also says if the roads are slippery you should only ask your tires to do one thing at a time, "If your going to brake, just brake in a straight line whenever possible.  If you are going to be cornering, don't be touching the brakes while you are in the middle of a corner.  Just commit whatever grip you do have to doing one task."

Spitzner also says people need to be wary of areas that freeze first, like shaded areas and overpasses.  The Bridgestone Tire Winter Driving School also recommends that people make sure their tires are in good conditions before the bad weather hits.