If you are a frequent flyer than you know more than most, that the skies are not so friendly anymore.

American Airlines says they are increasing the fee for unaccompanied minors.  Another fee increase?  We can't say we didn't see that coming.

With fees and surcharges almost doubling ticket prices in some cases, flying now couldn't be more expensive.  Airlines charge for seat assignments, meals, carry-on bags, early boarding, headsets, WiFi, and even fees for paying with credit cards.  Airlines, it seems just can't turn a buck without finding new ways to add fees.

Not only are the fees out of control but the service is falling fast.  Airlines have dramatically reduced the number of flights to ensure that each and every flight is full.  Despite the increase in number of people flying, which hit another record high last year.  This means more people in the airport at a time, longer waits at security checkpoints, and more cramped planes.

The fewer flights also means less flexibility for airlines when it comes to delays and cancellations, causing flyers to suffer more when things go wrong.  Linda De Sosa with Woodlake Travel says when a flight is cancelled now you are stuck, "...they were so late and then they cancelled the return flight.  So, I couldn't make my connection so I ended up driving three hours to make my connection flight."