More and more Americans are making their daily bread by doing jobs that require them to sit for extended periods of time.  The result is more people suffering symptoms caused by a more sedentary lifestyle.

Research into the affects of a more sedentary lifestyle have been around for years, since the computer became and crucial part to more and more businesses.  The result is a life that is increasingly sedentary.  A less active daily life can cause symptoms in middle age people often only seen in the elderly.  Like cankles, dementia, and constipation.

Dr. Christine Le with Kelsey-Seybold says mental problems have increased due to people being less active, "We do know that increased exercise actually decreases the risk for dementia."

Dr. Le says the one of the toughest things to deal with when treating patients is that theses symptoms are easily fended off with minor to moderate daily exercise.  "Although people may not have the time to exercise, they really need to squeeze it in.  And, we're talking even, five minutes at lunch, going up and downs some stairs..." says Dr. Le.