The partial shutdown of the government is now in its tenth day with no end in sight. A former CIA and NSA director says because of it, your safety is at risk.

General Michael Hayden is in Houston today to speak at a World Affairs Council event. The former CIA and NSA Director told KTRH if you think the shutdown hasn't affected national security you're wrong.

“You got people not showing up for work. Things that need to be done are not done. This creates increased risk,” Hayden told KTRH.

Hayden says those charged with keeping the country safe need to be able to think ahead. Being short-handed doesn’t help them do their jobs.

“You need to be looking five moves down the board and I suspect that’s the aspect of what we do that’s been affected most by this,” Hayden explained.

Hayden also told KTRH the way the NSA does its job has also been affected by the scandals involving Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

“We work with a lot of countries. And now a lot of countries won’t work with us unless they believe we can keep a secret. Lord knows with Snowden and Manning they have reason to doubt,” Hayden said.

Hayden says the way the CIA and NSA keep us safe has changed tremendously since 9/11.

“All of our security structures have been built to handle the old style of problem, which is nation state power. Now we’re trying to adjust to a world where the greatest danger is the product of nation state weakness,” Hayden stated.

And that's the point he'll be making tonight at the World Affairs Council at 7 o'clock.