The partial federal government shutdown could cost you a tasty brew. A little-known agency in the Treasury Department is not issuing new permits to craft brewers hoping to introduce new, Christmas beers.

KPRC 950 host James Simpson says it's not good news for Texas craft brewers.

"Yes it will hurt because it takes a while to get licensing and now with this it's just another speed bump."    

Simpson says releasing beers around major holidays is what craft brewers are all about.

"Breweries really hang their hats on seasonal beers; they really do all they can to put out a great seasonal and this can really put a hurt on them."

The shutdown means new breweries, new labels and new recipes can't get approval. Simpson says Texas craft brewers should keep doing what they do.

"If I were a brewery I'd would continue to keep brewing because eventually this shutdown will end and we will get the licensing back."