Your kids live on social media. And some school districts are going to extreme measures to monitor what they post in the name of safety.

These school districts are spending big money to help them out. One California school district is paying a firm over 40 thousand dollars to monitor students' social media accounts. But Elaina Polsen of the Clear Creek ISD told KTRH they use a different approach.

“We are focused on prevention vs. intervention,” she told KTRH.

So they use education, specifically a ‘Digital Citizenship Curriculum’ to teach them how to use social media properly.

“Our children are a step ahead of us in the use of technology. What they don’t have is the wisdom and the guidance to use that technology responsibly,” Polsen explained.

Social media analyst Crystal Washington says that's great, but education and leaving it up to parents may not be enough.

“As long as parents are not stepping up or don’t understand how to step up then school districts are going to do what they think is right to keep their kids safe,” she explained.

And in the end, Washington says what this California district is doing is not such a bad idea.

“This could potentially save some lives,” Washington stated. “It already did result in one intervention when they were doing a pilot of that program.”

KTRH reached out to the Katy, Fort Bend, Cy Fair and Klein ISD's for the story. They were unable to comment.