It hasn’t even been five years after Major Nidal Hassan went on his shooting rampage at Fort Hood that killed 13 people and wounded 32 others. On Wednesday, Ivan Lopez, a soldier on the base opened fire, killing three and injuring another sixteen before he committed suicide.

"He walked into one of the unit buildings, opened fire, got into a vehicle, fired from a vehicle, got out of the vehicle, walked into another building, opened fire again and then was engaged by law enforcement at Fort Hood,” Lt. General Mark Miley said.

Lopez apparently had mental issues and doctors were looking into whether he had PTSD.

“He was not diagnosed. He was undergoing a diagnosing process,” Miley stated.

Houston area Congressman Mike McCaul told FOX News they are still looking for answers as to why this happened. As of now, there are no links to terrorism.

“The Joint Terrorism Task Forces issued a preliminary statement saying there is no nexus to terrorism. But I would say that’s very preliminary,” McCaul explained.

As for warning signs, McCaul says there weren’t any obvious ones.

“I would have to believe if we had advance knowledge we could have stopped it,” McCaul stated on FOX’s ‘Kelly File.’

Some say the incident started as an argument between soldiers. But McCaul won’t go there just yet.

“I don’t understand the body count. It doesn’t add up or make sense to me,” McCaul said.

But McCaul says officials will get to the bottom of it.

“They are interviewing family members and any potential witnesses. The victims that have survived will be the best witnesses to the crime. They will be interviewed as well,” McCaul explained.

This all comes as the Fort Hood community is still trying to put the 2009 massacre behind them. Miley says the community is being tested again.

“The community is strong. The community is resilient. We will get through this,” Miley stated.

One soldier told FOX he can't believe this happened because of the extra security at the base.

“It’s very in depth. They are on top of it. For something like this to happen, it’s kind of shocking,” the soldier explained.

The injured were taken to Scott & White hospital and the Darnall Army Medical Center. Their exact conditions are not known, but they are all serious injuries.