If your cable television goes on the fritz for a short amount of time today you might be tempted to call and complain to the cable company. But you’d be wrong to do that.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the sun. It's had three major solar flares this week, and there's a chance we could see a shockwave at some point today. KTRH Chief Engineer Bob Stroupe says anything on satellite could be affected by this.

“Most of the cable TV channels are delivered via satellite, so that would be affected,” Stroupe told KTRH News. “The big problem with solar flares is that they can induce current into power lines and it can disrupt the electrical grid.

But, before you get too worked up over what could happen, Patricia Reiff over at Rice University says chances are that you're worrying about nothing.

“It’s not heading right at us. The flares that cause trouble here on Earth are the ones coming from the middle of the sun if we look at it,” Reiff said. “This is going to be a glancing blow. I don’t think we’ll see a huge event. We will see a nice event, though,” Reiff said.

So, about the only thing you might notice is some very pretty skies, if you're in Alaska. Reiff says we're too far south to really feel or see any impact from this shockwave.