The Houston Ship Channel is open to limited barge traffic as cleanup of last weekend's oil spill in Galveston Bay continues.

The channel will only be open during daylight hours as the Coast Guard and local pilots work on who gets through and when.

“They're discussing and looking at different vessels that are in the queue and making determinations and decisions as to how those are all being prioritized,” says Coast Guard Lt. Sam Danus.

The decision for limited traffic came after Carnival was allowed to move it's cruise ships in and out of the channel.

“It was actually the test transit if you will,” Danus tells KTRH News. “The unified command was able to see if that affected the response area at all.”

Just 18 oil-covered birds have been captured for cleaning, and officials had found only 10 dead birds as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We've received no reports as far as dolphins or fish,” says Danus.

As of Tuesday evening, crews had collected just over 175,000 gallons of oil-water mix and nearly 1,800 bags of solid waste.