One lawmaker is trying to breathe new life into the debate over gay marriage in the United States.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy filed three amendments to the ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill that is currently being debated in Washington. One of those proposals would recognize same sex marriage.

While it may seem strange to see that issue come into play during the debate on immigration, Noel Freeman of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus told KTRH it makes a lot of sense and is a good idea.

“You have people who have been in relationships for a long time who are being split up,” Freeman said. “Or, the person in the relationship that is a U.S. citizen is being forced to move to their partner’s home country.”

Freeman says Leahy is doing the right thing by bringing the issue up as part of the debate on immigration.

“A couple gets married in a country where it’s legal. Then they come to the United States, which doesn’t recognize the marriage for the purpose of immigration sponsorship. That’s why the issue matters so much,” Freeman explained.

Freeman says all he wants is equality.

“We want comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for people in same sex relationships, especially because we have 13 states and the District of Columbia that allow same sex marriages,” Freeman stated.

Leahy’s amendment needs sixty votes in the Senate to pass. That is unlikely, according to Washington insiders. It is also unclear whether or not the Senate will even vote on his proposal.