Security experts say please stop using Windows XP. Microsoft no longer supports the ancient operating system and those of you who refuse to upgrade are endangering the rest of us by spreading security exploits. The latest Internet Explorer bug is further evidence of that.

The bug affects all versions of Internet Explorer -- from six through eleven. McAfee's Robert Siciliano says use another web browser until it's patched.

"You can use either the Firefox or Chrome browsers which do not have this same flaw."

But using a combination of Internet Explorer on Windows XP is the most dangerous option for you and the rest of us. The main issue is Adobe Flash and you can disable that, but it'll keep you from seeing most videos.

"This is both a Flash issue and a Windows XP/Internet Explorer issue. So there's a combination of two to three problems going on here."

Security experts say there's no good reason not to upgrade to at least Windows 7.