Researchers at Google are warning about a flaw in encryption technology which is used to securely transmit e-mail, e-commerce transactions and other web traffic.  Cyber security expert Chris Bronk says it isn't known if there are any victims yet.

“This is something we thought worked perfectly well and now we're realizing out it doesn't, and it has to be fixed,” Bronk says.  “And, we don't know long the bad guys may have known about this, so this might go back a long time.”

A fix was released last Monday, but some sites may not have it installed yet.  There's not really anything you can do about it since the security software is on servers at the companies -- not in your home.

Contacting your financial institution before conducting transactions might be a good idea.

“See if they're compromised or if they're working on it,” he advises, “because you don't want to be passing out your user name or password information and have it intercepted.”