Congress is considering new regulations to secure the nation's power grid against terror attacks like one near San Jose last year.

“What is unusual about the event last year in California, its seems unique this has never happened before in terms of the number of people and the amount of gunfire which that was shot and fired at the substation equipment,” says Terry Hadley at the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Several intruders first cut off phone lines, then fired 100 rounds into a substation causing $16 million worth of damage.

“A substation essentially breaks down voltage to deliver electricity from the major transmission network to the neighborhoods,” Hadley tells KTRH News.

Hadley insists however, that regulators routinely test against these types of attacks.

“There are drills periodically, not only in Texas, but around the country as part of an effort to enhance grid security,” he says.

But its up to each local utility to make improvements.  Congress is now considering a federal regulations to shore up security nationwide.