Mark Twain said, "A lie and travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

That is the power of a lie, but we are taught from a very young age that lying is bad.  That honesty is the best policy.  But, now social scientists at Oxford University say lying can be good for relationships.

It is called pro-social lying, when you lie to protect someone and their feelings.  We know them commonly as white lies.  Relationship Expert Mary Jo Rapini says she wouldn't calling it lying, "I think rather than lie, (we) soften it by adding buffers.  And, in a sense that is not being direct but it's not exactly lying."

The study found that lies that are told to protect someone's feelings tend to make relationships stronger.  They show each person they care about their sensitivities.  The study also showed that lying to deceive is still bad for relationships, as it fosters distrust.