Some parents of kids that go to school in Katy ISD got the news when they opened their emails after work on Tuesday.

“As you are aware, on January 24 and 28 our region experienced inclement weather conditions that prevented us from safely conducting school operations during the day. Texas state law requires school districts to designate two make-up days for bad weather on its Board-approved calendar. Katy ISD’s bad weather make-up days are Monday, February 17 and Monday, May 26 as stated in the Katy ISD 2013-14 Instructional Calendar and Student Handbooks. 

The District has investigated whether the Texas Education Agency might grant a waiver for the January 24 and 28 bad weather days; however, we have been informed that a reprieve is unlikely.


We understand that many families have made plans for the February 17 and May 26 holidays and deeply regret any inconvenience that the make-up days have caused.  


Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.”

Some Katy ISD parents have told KTRH via email that they suggested the district make up the days by turning early dismissal days into full school days. However the suggestion was not acted on.

KTRH contacted Katy ISD for their reaction last night, but our calls have not been returned as of yet.

Another local school district, Houston ISD, has announced their makeup days will be Good Friday and Memorial Day.