A high school in the Northeast is caught blocking students' access to conservative websites such as the NRA, Republican Party and Jesus.  

A student in Connecticut discovered the censorship when researching information for a school project and found only liberal leaning sites were available, such as Planned Parenthood or LGBT Nation.

Fox News' Todd Starnes addressed the issue on his radio program.

“The school district fessed up, admitted Jesus, Republicans and the NRA got blocked,” Starnes said.  “They blamed it on a filtering snafu.”

Here in Texas, state school board member David Bradley says he's not surprised a district finally got caught.

“We've always known this has gone on at the university level, our kids to get indoctrinated,” Bradley tells KTRH News.  “Unfortunately it is filtrating down into the K-12 because our teachers are coming out of the liberal colleges.”

Bradley says Beaumont's Jefferson County was caught blocking conservative comments from it's web pages.

“It is definitely a freedom of speech issue, and any attorney worth his salt could probably explain it to a school district and they'll back off, and I'm sure this publicity will have that effect,” he says.  “Its disturbing to see we're having to address it.”