The San Jacinto Battle Monument and Museum made a valiant effort to bring Mexican General Santa Anna’s prosthetic wooden and cork leg to Texas, but alas, the plan did not come to fruition and the leg will remain at the Illinois State Military Museum where it has resided for almost a century.

Santa Anna lost the leg in the “Pastry War,” and had the remnants buried with honors.  He lost the prosthetic leg in the Battle of Sierra Gordo when a regiment of troops from Illinois overtook his camp just as he sat down to a fried chicken dinner.  Took off with such haste he forgot his leg, and when he surrendered the following day seems that nobody was of a mind to give it back.

Larry Spasic, curator of the San Jacinto Battle Monument and Museum posted a petition on the White House web site requesting the highest office in the land intervene and assist Texas in the acquisition.

PODCAST: Houston's Morning News with Matt Patrick welcomes Larry Spasic of the San Jacinto Battle Monument and Museum, to discuss the wooden prosthetic leg of Santa Anna and that it's not coming to Texas.

"The petition was rather short lived.  We started this petition to bring attention to our newly developed website that was done by a local company here in Houston called Brand Extract.  They worked on this site for two and a half years free of charge, and it’s a wonderful site that attaches itself to significant parts of our collection and has all kinds of wonderful information about Texas history.  We’re very proud of it, and so we thought it would be an attention getter to start the petition to get Santa Anna’s artificial leg back in Texas,” Spasic tells KTRH News.

Here’s their new website.

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