Sometimes a store’s “big sale” isn’t saving you money at all.

Catchy slogans and big discounts don't always mean you're saving money.  One web site,, says it's a pretty common practice to change the asking price, or retail price, for an item on the shelf, then offer a coupon or a reduction in price -- which turns out to not really be a bargain. 

Almost every store runs sales.  That’s a tried and true way to bring customers into stores.  Despite a plethora of information now available by just doing a little “Googling,” people don’t always do comparison shopping.  They’re attracted by the flashing signs saying you’re saving 40-percent, or more.

If the store bumped the price up before telling you about the discount, the savings may not be as big as you think.

And, the practice isn't illegal, in most cases.  It's simply up to the buyer to make sure -- when he or she thinks they're getting a good price, that they really are.